IMG_3751Author: My name is Przemysław (Przemek) Pałka, I’m an Associate Research Scholar at Yale Law School and a Visiting Fellow at the Information Society Project. In my research I concentrate on property and contract, consumer and personal data protection law, and intersections of law, regulation and new technologies. In particular, I study novel types of objects of legal relations (digital and virtual items, data), ways of controlling actions of artificial agents, privately created digital regulatory environments (terms of service, digital force, regulation through code), and modes in which legal discourses conceptualize and internalize these phenomena.

In 2018-2020 I was Yale’s Fellow in Private, helping to manage the Yale Law School Center for Private Law. Before joining Yale, I was a Research Associate at the Law Department of the European University Institute, Florence, Italy. I coordinated and contributed to two projects concerning the intersection of consumer law, personal data protection law, and artificial intelligence: CLAUDETTE, trying to automate legal evaluation of terms of service and privacy policies using machine learning; and ARTSY, mapping the challenges to the EU consumer and data protection laws stemming from  business’s use of AI. Previously, I have been a PhD researcher at the EUI, where under supervision of prof. prof. Giovanni Sartor I have written and defended the doctoral dissertation titled Virtual Property: Towards a General Theory (available in Open Access). For more info on publications, check out my Google Scholar profile.

Blog: This blog got started as a therapy for academic loneliness. It is great to engage with others’ work and beneficial when somebody does so with yours. However, in academia one aims at publishing stuff only when it’s good enough, and so immediate feedback and peer review are luxury. Many ideas get born in our minds, but stay there and die there, for even if they have potential, they never reach the stage of maturity sufficient to be spread officially. The hope to remedy the tension between need for discussion on one hand, and hesitation to publish on the other, as well as conviction that unfortunately many people are working on the same issues not knowing of each other, have been my reasons to start this blog.
The title : ] is a play on words – my full name, Przemyslaw, finishes with LAW – and I work on law and technology; while the first part, depending on transliteration, can either be “przemysł” (pol. industry) or “przemyśl” (pol. think through!).

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